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Some people might think we’re a little crazy, launching a business while the world is still in the grip of an unprecedented health crisis. But we actually think it’s the perfect time. Here’s why…

We can help. It’s as simple as that.

Propelled by genuine care for our clients, and the hope that we can make the world a better place, we work with clients who know where they want to go, but need a little guidance figuring out how to get there.

Think of us like a combination of an ancient wayfinder and a modern GPS – we’ve got the finely-tuned intuition and high-spec tech that can help our clients sail through whatever crosses their path. We know how to navigate twists and turns, how to recover from those little bumps in the road, when to change direction, and all those little hidden shortcuts and express lanes others aren’t aware of.

When you work with Fiskl Advisory you can be assured of a few things.We’re working with you because we’ve connected with you on a personal level, we truly believe in the work you do, and we think we can help you do it even better.

We might be accountants, but we don’t see ourselves as “numbers people” – we’re relationship people. We’re a small, boutique firm with a broad base of skills and experience, and pride ourselves on our commitment to ongoing education and training so we can continue to expand and improve on the services we offer our clients.


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